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Sevilla 3.5mm

Sevilla 3.5mm
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Dimension : 96x60cm It is a heeling and soling sheet in a very soft and flexible rubber material. His new design is really original and multidirectional . His concave pattern close to a suction grip offer a huge power of adhesion on the ground. Besides SEVILLA has a great «non slip» property, all tests show that. SEVILLA with his medium size design can be used all year round in every type of repairs. We recommend you to use a quality glue and to follow the specific instructions care given by the producer, due to the exceptional quality of adherence of the SEVILLA.

Product Codes:
    MTSEV3.502 - Black
    MTSEV3.503 - Beige
    MTSEV3.504 - Brown
    MTSEV3.529 - Caramel
    MTSEV3.516 - Light Grey
    MTSEV3.525 - White

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